One of my favorite parts of dinner parties and big holiday events is dressing up the dinner table. This is really one thing I look forward more to than even the food itself.

The disadvantage of my addiction to dressing up dinner tables is that I tend to acquire a large array of decorations, napkins and table linens. I therefore often do not have enough space to store them. Fortunately I have a friend who is a Philadelphia professional party planner. I decided to pick her brain on how I can shop smartly for holiday dinner table décor items and how to properly store them to keep them looking new when not in use.

Buy High Quality with Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons

The first advice she gave me is to buy the highest quality stuff. A lot of us are lured by the cheaper prized items out there. Although they might appear to look good, the quality is lacking. For some, they believe that they will only use these items a couple of times in the year that lure them towards cheap prized items. My friend says don’t be tempted.

According to her, you have to treat these decoration items as an investment that can last for a long time. And if you use a bed bath and beyond coupon, you can often get the high quality stuff at a big discount. You can get a 20% off bed bath and beyond coupon at Paying for a high quality item means it still looks great even when you wash them and they will still look good on your table. When selecting table coverings, she recommends that you pick any other color apart from white and cream because these two colors easily turn yellowish with time. Also other colors can cope better with spills and stains than white and cream. The key to making colored covers last is to wash them in cold water using color-safe detergents.

Proper Storage:

How you store your table linens will determine how they look when you want to use them again. The best way to store them is to wash them, iron them and carefully stored away from direct light. You should store them in your drawer or put them in a closet.

When you spend on real linen, they will last very long if you store them flat or hanging. Some people dislike linen because it can be difficult to iron. But modern steam irons can take care of this so it shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

When it comes to the centerpieces on the table, it is best to disassemble them, wrap them up carefully and store them in clearly labeled plastic boxes. You should also keep this away from direct sunlight.

If storage space is a problem for you, you can instead buy ornaments to decorate your dinner table. They do make great decoration items and they are easy to store in ornament boxes that are flat.

When selecting centerpieces, don’t go overboard. Candles can make for great centerpieces and add a bit of warm glow to your table. Select centerpieces that are below the eye line. You want your guests to be able to see each other during dinner.

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